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Create multiple marketing calendars and marketing campaign plannings

Create multiple marketing calendars

Marktinc's marketing planning makes it easy to setup and manage multiple calendars. This way it is possible to create separate marketing calendars for different brands, labels, business lines or regions inside your organization.


Create different calendars

Beside your annual marketing calendar, Marktinc also enables you to setup different types of online calendars for instance:

  1. Media calendars
  2. Content calendars
  3. Social media calendars
  4. Online marketing calendars
  5. Financial calendars
  6. Etc.


Other marketing planning features?

Curious about the other systems features? View the complete list of all of Marktinc's marketing planning features.

  1. Real-time marketing planning
  2. Multiple marketing calendars
  3. Marketing campaign management
  4. Set up campaign events and actions
  5. Workflow management
  6. Financial reporting marketing
  7. Set user permissions

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Would you like clear insight into your marketing plans, workload, costs and results? And are you done wasting your time updating marketing calendars in Excel sheets? Marktinc helps you improving your marketing! How do we do this we would love to show you in a live demo.
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