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Spring update 2013

21st of March 2013

The flowers start to bloom, the days are getting longer and the temperature rises: it’s springtime! Not only in nature things are starting to grow and flourish. Also here at Marktinc the sun is shining brighter every day as the Marktinc marketing planning tool starts to blossom. Every day more and more companies discover the power and ease of our tooling. Since we value you as our customer or potential client, we proudly present an update of the Marktinc’s marketing planning enhancements.

Design improvements
We have made some mayor design improvements in the marketing planning tool. These changes not only look quite nice, they also have made a deep impact on usability and user experience. The caterpillar has become a butterfly. Off course this doesn’t mean we can sit back and relax. We will always seek ways to even further perfect the tooling we offer.

Improved interface
Design is like a “first impression”, you never get a change to make “a second”. Therefor our design update was desired. However, design isn’t key, interaction is just as important. So we did some serious tweaking at the interface as well. For instance, we have managed to speed up the system significantly. It has become a stunning 5x faster! So we provide even more time foryour outdoor spring picnic.

What’s next?
In our opinion themarkting planning tool is like a living organism. It’s always growing, renewing and evolving. To make this happen we depend on your feedback, so we would love to receive your input. If you have any comments for us, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you, please share it with us on or post a tweet on

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