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Press Release: Revolution in marketing by Marktinc

1st of January 2013

Marktinc launches a new marketing tool: the marketing planning. This advanced tool is an end to the use of error-prone, poorly separable and time-consuming tools such as Excel for planning marketing campaigns and budgets. The online marketing calendar provides an intuitive way to view schedules and marketing expenses.

Marktinc's marketing planning, the differance
Powerful and successful marketing does not start with an ad, TV commercial or web banner. It starts with the process that is at the back playing. How to create a transparent and timely marketing planning? How do you ensure that the communication surrounding campaigns and actions in a timely and efficient proceeds? And how do you measure how much of the budget is actually spent? Marktinc online marketing planning provides a complete online solution to all these challenges.

Overview and insight
Investing in outdated point solutions is unnecessary because Marktinc online marketing calendar in a clear manner provides insight into all marketing plans. Think of year planning, campaign planning, budget planning, budgets and expenditures. It is the standard integrated Workflow Manager also possible to all processes accurately in the right direction. This weak links are immediately visible making processes more efficient and effective can be arranged.

Next Step
Sander Hakze, product manager at Marktinc, indicates that it is not a crusade. "Marktinc helps marketing departments within organizations to understand their marketing plans, spending and workflows. Departments and external parties involved informing and alignment, that is the key to the online marketing calendar Marktinc. One point that Hakze still want to emphasize is that the report takes into account the traditional needs of MT. "Reports are a la minute MT ready and insert it into the application you normally use. The mapping of the results of an expanded campaign is like a MT would like to see, schedule, costs, benefits and forecasts are clear. The measurability provides findings and learnings with these cyclic you Future (continued) optimize campaigns. Optimization means in this case include effective budgeting. Measuring and control is the next step."

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Sander Hakze,
Telephone number: +31 - 85 - 7600 499

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